Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New Blushers ! :)

My mum has recently just been to new york and she brought me back two blushers. The first one is called Orgasm from Nars :

The second blush was by MAC and is called Peaches:

I love both blushers ! and I have worn them a lot already! At the moment I think I prefer peaches as I think it suits my skintone better than orgasm :)

P.S sorry for not blogging in a while ! I have been very busy lately with exams and competitions with athletics and netball.



  1. love the second blusher soo much i have it at home, love your blog, please check out mine and follow back? XXX

  2. Awh Kim Kardashian uses 'orgasm' teehee I wish I had those blushes!! lol
    Would love if you could follow my blog back..c'mon we have the same name lol :) xx