Monday, 16 May 2011

Haul ! :)

Sorry for not posting in a while ! i have been away quite a lot ! last weekend I was in France with my family and this weekend I was in Hampshire doing an athletics competition! While I was away I bought a few things ! :)

1st product-

Urban Decay New York Eye Palette.- From France £21.00

I love this palette as it includes neutral colours as well as bright and dark shades! Also I love that the colours don't crease on your eye! If you use the urban decay primer potion before applying your eyeshadow you will find your eyeshadow doesn't smudge or come off! I recommend this product for everyone for any occasion!

2nd Product- Go Blonder spray! £6.00

I have used this product 3 times and I can already see a difference in my hair colour. I have dark blonde hair and I have been wanting to lighten it up for a while. To use this product you simply spray throughly through towel dried hair and dry with a hair dryer, the more heat used the lighter your hair will get. 
Unfortunately this product is only suitable for blonde hair, it will not work on brown on darker shades.

3rd product 

O.P.I nail polish in Pinking of you- from Hampshire. £9.10

This is my first o.p.i nail polish I have ever bought as there is only 1 shop were I live that sells them.
I bought the colour Pinking of You. I love this colour and I think it will look really nice in summer. 
O.P.I nail polishes can be expensive but they are worth it as they don't chip. I will be doing a review on this nail polish after I have used it!

Thanks for reading !


  1. ooh the nail polish looks fab! what event do you do? :) i do triple jump xxx

  2. I love Urban Decay, that set is so versatile! Great haul girl :]

  3. I have this urban decay set, it's included in a post here


  4. Those John Frieda Go Blonder products have had really bad reviews, a lot of people have gotten inflamed red itchy sores on their heads so be careful.

  5. Yeh I have seen some of those reviews, but they seem to be okay for my scalp. Fingers Crossed it will stay like that !! haha :D xx

  6. I have the 1st Book of Shadows by Urban Decay and I love it as well! :-)

  7. I've been meaning to get some of the John Freida spray for ages, I might have to go and buy some now that I know it works! Lovely Blog, SusieXXX

  8. I'd be careful about the John Frieda Go Blonde! So many bad reactions :( I'm in love with my Urban Decay palette, the quality of their e/s is amazing! You're so lucky, the colours look gorgeous. Check out my Sigma Giveaway xxxx