Thursday, 14 April 2011

First Post and Makeup!

Soooo! To start off with my names Olivia. This is my first post (as you can probably tell). 
Today i went to town and bought some makeup from the MAC counter in voisons. As some of you may know they have brought out a new collection called Quite Cute! Its amazing! Unfortunately I didn't have much money so i was only able to purchase 2 things. I have been thinking of buying these things for quite a while but i just never had the time to go to town! 

The first product is a blusher in the colour 'giggly'-

Its a really pretty colour that I personally think is suitable for all skin colours and all types of the year! I am really looking forward to trying out this blusher and I will do another post on a review about it!

How to use-
Using a blusher or kabuki brush gentle swipe your brush into the blusher and smile to define your apples. Then apply the blusher to your cheeks to give an appearance of higher cheekbones. Remember- Long neck and high cheek bones are a sign of beauty! 

The next product I bought was a Mac Foundation Brush called 188-
This brush is really good for stippling your foundation on to give you an even and radiant finish! One of my friends has this brush and i always use it, so i decided to treat myself and buy myself one!
How to use-
To use this brush you apply some of your foundation to your hand, then your dab the foundation using your brush. To apply to your face you blot the foundation on (stipple) try not to rub as you may get a streaky finish. Its really simple!

Sorry for the long post, i will try make the others shorter !
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Byee :D 


  1. I just found your blog and it's really cute! (Plus we have the same name, so thats exciting haha!)